Sexbot Q&A: Harmony the Animatronic Love Doll Answers Your Burning Questions

A Facebook Live chat with an AI synthetic.

Sex robot Harmony from Realbotix site on a couch next to Matt McMullen.

Can a sexy robot’s love defeat The Terminator? What’s her favorite video game? Does she like being artificial?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Matt McMullen of Realbotix appeared alongside his silicone beauty Harmony during a 12-minute Facebook Live video. They each answered questions submitted prior to the broadcast, some serious and some fun, about the AI-enhanced loved doll’s development and personal preferences.

Surprisingly, although Facebook users showed up to watch the Q&A as it took place, it seems none of them asked their own questions live. Perhaps it had something do to with it running at 2 p.m. PST, which is still regular working hours for many people in North America.

In any case, if you missed the Facebook Live broadcast and want to see and hear Harmony in action you can watch the video here.

Here’s a higher-quality image of Harmony rocking the sexy red lace dress she wore during the Facebook Live Q&A:

What questions do you have for Harmony? What do you want to ask her creator Matt McMullen? Let us know in the comments below.

Image source: Facebook/RealDoll

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