An interior robotic view of Henry the animatronic male sex doll's brain.

Here’s Henry, the Hunky Male Sex Robot You’ve Been Waiting For

Realbotix announces plan to release 6-foot-tall manbot.>>>

This 3-D printed sex toy holder will disguise your dildo as a laser sword.

[PHOTOS] 9 Wacky 3D-Printed Sex Toys You Can Make at Home

Get silly and sexy with these offbeat dildo designs and masturbator molds.>>>

The Best Sex Games for Women

Our list of the top erotic titles made for female gamers. >>>

Virtually Perfect: A Review of the LoveBotz iFukVR Stroker and Headset

An affordable and easy-to-use product set for VR sex beginners. >>>

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A dark-haired robotic head of a Chinese-made gynoid.

DS Doll Video Reveals Stunning Progress of Sexbot Head and Torso

An inside look at the Chinese manufacturer’s gynoid prototype. >>>

Sex workers from the Moonlite BunnyRanch in Nevade pose with owner Dennis Hof.

Brothel Uses VR to Make Hentai and Porn Star Fantasies Real

The oldest profession embraces cutting-edge technology.>>>

Sex dolls from the 2018 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

Map of Sex Doll Brothels Around the World

A list of establishments where you can pay by the hour to romp with sexy synthetics.>>>

A screenshot of singer Christian Aguilera from her music video "Not Myself Tonight."

Sexbots on Film: Christina Aguilera Plays Gynoid in Sci-fi Drama ‘Zoe’

The ‘Bionic’ singer stars as a robotic prostitute in the futuristic love story. >>>

XPRIZE’s $10M Contest May Transform Sex with Robotic Avatars

The field of teledildonics stands to gain a lot from new competition.>>>

A woman wears a synthetic skin suit created as part of an artist's show.

Artist Creates Ultra-realistic Skinsuits for Bodyswapping Simulation

Would you literally step into someone else’s body?>>>

A photo of Google voice assistant on a phone.

Marry Me, Google: 450,000 Indians Pop the Question to Virtual Assistant

Feelings continue to grow for our AI companions.>>>

7 Cartoon Sex Games That Take Players into Amazingly Erotic Fantasy Worlds

A list of some of the best animated adult titles around. >>>

Biohacker Ben Greenfield wants to improve his body with stem cell injections.

Fitness Celeb Says His Penis Grew Bigger Thanks to Stem Cell Injections

A noble pursuit, a fool’s errand, or just an example of men at their worst?>>>

Harmony the Realbotix sex robot announces the X-mode system.

RealDoll X: 1st Generation Sexbot from Realbotix Goes on Sale This Month

The long-awaited robotic head system is almost here!>>>

Future of Sex Doll ‘Brothels’ Looks Bright As Paris Venue Evades Closure

Police unmoved by public outcry equating service with prostitution. >>>

Playboy and Penthouse Embrace Cryptocurrency You Can Earn Watching Pornography

The Vice Industry Token partners with legacy brands.>>>

The Most Realistic Sex Games You Can Play

Sex that looks as good as it does in the real world—or maybe even better.>>>

SophieBOT Project Hopes to Be the “Siri” of Sex Education in Kenya

A chatbot app created by students is breaking taboos and educating youth.>>>

The Case Against Consent Apps from a Legal Scholar

There’s an app for almost everything. Maybe there shouldn’t be. >>>