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An Embryo without Sperm or Eggs? This Breakthrough Could Change Human Reproduction

Stem cells may open up the “black box” of pregnancy.>>>

Sex on the Mind: Could Brain Holograms Lead to Direct Neural Interfaces?

Cyberpunk visions of human-computer hybrids are seeping out of sci-fi and into reality.>>>

Spank Me, Alexa: Turning a Smart Speaker into a Dominatrix

Does this hacked voice assistant herald the future of digital BDSM?>>>

A woman wearing aviatar sunglasses with the Ethereum logo on each lens.

4 Reasons Why the Sex Industry is Embracing Blockchain

Hopes are running high that the ledger system will revolutionize sex work.>>>

Nutaku Releases VR Sexbot Game and Jumps on Cryptocurrency Bandwagon

Adult gaming portal entering two big sex tech markets. >>>

MysteryVibe Unveils the Tenuto Smart Vibrator for Men

Device promises longer, more stimulating sexual experiences.>>>

Could VR Therapy Help Survivors Heal from Sexual Trauma Faster?

Virtual reality may create the safe spaces needed to overcome assault. >>>

This Donut-like Sex Toy Aims to End Painful Intercourse

Intimate wearable customizes penetration depth with modular design. >>>

The Rainbow of Gender: The Future of LGBT Sex

Are we looking at the end of orientation as we know it?>>>

Actress Gal Gadot wears a dark top and smiles wearing red lipstick.

Actors’ Union Says It Will ‘Fight Back’ Against Porn Deepfakes

Already stars like Gal Gadot and Cara Delevingne are victims of nonconsensual face swapping. >>>

Can Sexbots Save Marriages by Taking the Sex Out of Them?

Economist says future robots could solve relationship woes.>>>

Squirming in Orbit: NASA Sends Sperm to Space

The mission to enable the human race to procreate off Earth continues.>>>

Gaydorado Review: The Queerly Interesting Handheld Game

All kinds of gay on this iOS and Android RPG title.>>>

XPRIZE’s $10M Contest May Transform Sex with Robotic Avatars

The field of teledildonics stands to gain a lot from new competition.>>>

A woman wears a synthetic skin suit created as part of an artist's show.

Artist Creates Ultra-realistic Skinsuits for Bodyswapping Simulation

Would you literally step into someone else’s body?>>>

Biohacker Ben Greenfield wants to improve his body with stem cell injections.

Fitness Celeb Says His Penis Grew Bigger Thanks to Stem Cell Injections

A noble pursuit, a fool’s errand, or just an example of men at their worst?>>>

Future of Sex Doll ‘Brothels’ Looks Bright As Paris Venue Evades Closure

Police unmoved by public outcry equating service with prostitution. >>>

Playboy and Penthouse Embrace Cryptocurrency You Can Earn Watching Pornography

The Vice Industry Token partners with legacy brands.>>>

Virtually Perfect: A Review of the LoveBotz iFukVR Stroker and Headset

An affordable and easy-to-use product set for VR sex beginners. >>>

The Best Sex Games for Women

Our list of the top erotic titles made for female gamers. >>>

7 Technologies to Create a Sexual Utopia

Innovations that could usher in an age of erotic enlightenment.>>>

3 Cult Films Showing Mind-boggling Futuristic Sex That You Need to See

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Two avatars kiss in the VR sex game VRLove.

VRLove Joins Growing Community of VR Porn Game Developers on Patreon

Crowdfunding may soon deliver new adult virtual reality experience.>>>

A man sits on a couch wearing a VR headset and is straddled by a silicone sex doll.

Soon RealDolls Will Sync to Live Cam Performers for Sex in Virtual Reality

CamSoda, Abyss Creations, and Lovense team up for VIRP project. >>>

Genetic Engineering May Offer the Solution to Finally Create Male Birth Control

Could CRISPR give men a biological off-switch for fertility?>>>

A set of birth control pills.

6 Male Birth Control Methods in Development

Guys, the time when you’ll have more power over procreation is almost here.>>>

Granting Robots Legal Rights Raises Major Ethical Concerns

Are we becoming legally reckless when it comes to AI?>>>

Sex Tech and Security: A Guide to Keeping Your Online Sex Life Private

How to avoid hackers while using interactive sex toys.>>>