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MysteryVibe Unveils the Tenuto Smart Vibrator for Men

Device promises longer, more stimulating sexual experiences.>>>

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Tantra Punk Podcast: Exploring the Future of Sex Tech with Jenna Owsianik

Site editor covers industry trends and sustainability in new episode.>>>

Adult ryptocurrency tokens are displayed.

19 Adult Cryptocurrencies Startups Want in Your Digital Wallet

Sex industry embraces the blockchain in cryptosex craze.>>>

A Cyborg Manifesto

Sex Tech Study Guide: A Cyborg Manifesto

An overview of Donna Haraway’s feminist pivotal text.>>>

6 Inclusive Sex Tech Definitions That Can Help Bust the Blackness Gap

Let’s get on the same page when it comes to discussing diversity.>>>

Actress Gal Gadot wears a dark top and smiles wearing red lipstick.

Actors’ Union Says It Will ‘Fight Back’ Against Porn Deepfakes

Already stars like Gal Gadot and Cara Delevingne are victims of nonconsensual face swapping. >>>

Squirming in Orbit: NASA Sends Sperm to Space

The mission to enable the human race to procreate off Earth continues.>>>

There’s a ‘Blackness Gap’ in Sex Tech–Here’s How We Can Fix It

The industry must do a better job embracing diversity.>>>

A billboard shows a mouth and the words "Help close the orgasm gap."

MysteryVibe Takes on the Orgasm Gap, Reaches $4M Investment

Move over Wonder Woman. Feminist superheroes battle inequality with sex tech.  >>>

A photo of Google voice assistant on a phone.

Marry Me, Google: 450,000 Indians Pop the Question to Virtual Assistant

Feelings continue to grow for our AI companions.>>>

Playboy and Penthouse Embrace Cryptocurrency You Can Earn Watching Pornography

The Vice Industry Token partners with legacy brands.>>>

SophieBOT Project Hopes to Be the “Siri” of Sex Education in Kenya

A chatbot app created by students is breaking taboos and educating youth.>>>

The Case Against Consent Apps from a Legal Scholar

There’s an app for almost everything. Maybe there shouldn’t be. >>>

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5 Amazing Sex Tech Podcasts for Curious Minds

Future of Sex editor shares her favorite audio programs.>>>

Sex Tech Incubator Dorcel Lab Takes on 5 Startups

Paris-based lab says personalization is key to success in the industry.>>>

From left to right: Ross Dawson, Bryony Cole, Polly Rodriguez, and Mal Harrison.

Let’s Talk About the Future of Sex, Baby! [Sydney Event]

Will technology enhance our sexuality?>>>

Bryony Cole and others at the Sextech Hackathon in NYC in 2017.

Hey, Aussie Women! Hurry and Apply for Free Entry to Sydney Sextech Hackathon

We-Vibe bursaries open to female-identifying folks in STEM.>>>

A blonde woman looks annoyed and has steam coming out of her ears.

Consent Apps Are Just Ridiculous

Why we need to be talking about pleasurable sexual experiences instead.>>>

This 3-D printed sex toy holder will disguise your dildo as a laser sword.

[PHOTOS] 9 Wacky 3D-Printed Sex Toys You Can Make at Home

Get silly and sexy with these offbeat dildo designs and masturbator molds.>>>

Women on Top: 10 Female Founders Who Are Revolutionizing Sex Tech

It’s time to celebrate remarkable ladies in the industry.>>>

The first Sex Tech Hackathon in Australia will take place in March 2018.

Australia’s 1st Sex Tech Hackathon Seeks Women-identified Participants

The weekend-long Sydney event aims to disrupt the male-dominated industry. >>>

Advertising maven Cindy Gallop stands on stage giving a presentatino on Make Love Not Porn.

Is There a Double Standard for Funding Women in Sex Tech?

Cindy Gallop calls outs venture capitalists for ignoring female-focused startups.>>>

7 Technologies to Create a Sexual Utopia

Innovations that could usher in an age of erotic enlightenment.>>>

Blockchain Startup That Wants to Revolutionize Adult Industry Lands $1.1M Investment

Intimate cryptocurrency designed to facilitate payments and boost trust.>>>

Love Orgasms and Pizza? This Vibrator Will Deliver You One After the Other

RubGrub sends Dominos to your door after you reach climax.>>>