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Hair choices on Harmony AI app.

Harmony AI App: Creating My Virtual Girlfriend with Artificial Intelligence

What you can expect from the new Realbotix software program.>>>

The Future of Sex report include 9 fascinating predictions on how sexuality will change in the coming decades.

Future of Sex Report: 9 Predictions on How Technology Is Transforming Intimacy [SlideShare]

Featuring state-of-the-art sex tech across five major fields.>>>

Internet of Dongs: Project Hacks Sex Toys to Keep Your Intimate Life Private

Security researcher is bridging the gap between the sex tech and infosec industries.>>>

Is It Time to Reframe the Sex Robot Debate?

Legal ethicist suggests dropping arguments that rely on symbolic meaning of sexbots.>>>

RealDoll Releasing Intimate AI App That Will Pair with Love Dolls

Could you fall for an artificial intelligence program?>>>

Lilly is a robosexual woman engaged to a 3D-printed robot named InMoovator.

Lilly and InMoovator: Engaged Human-Robot Couple Want Right to Marry

Pioneering robosexual woman seeks social acceptance.>>>

State of Sex Robots: These Are the Companies Developing Robotic Lovers

A look at current projects to create synthetic companions.>>>

‘Love and Sex with Robots’ Conference Re-launches After Malaysian Ban

It’s take two for the academic congress, but this time in the UK.>>>

The Future of Sex report include 9 fascinating predictions on how sexuality will change in the coming decades.

New Report: 9 Incredible Predictions on the Future of Sex

How technology will change human sexuality from researchers at>>>

Hum's orgasmic data graph.

Coding Sex: Startup Develops Building Blocks for AI Lovers

It’s a brave new world for orgasm training.>>>

A robot in love holds a heart.

Sexbot Perspectives: Data Ownership and Security Will Be Crucial for Sex Robot Users

Roboticist Dr. Kit Stubbs on creating a positive future for sex tech.>>>

A robot helps a woman put on her shoe.

Sexbot Perspectives: Robots Will Make Sex Easier for People with Mobility Issues

Hope and help for people suffering from physical and mental barriers.>>>

BodAi is developing virtual AI companions capable of expressing sexuality.

Sexbot Perspectives: We’ll Fall Even Deeper for Technology Once It Appears Human

“We can see already man’s best friend is no longer the dog but the smartphone.”>>>

Where Did the Word Teledildonics Come From?

Getting to the bottom of one sexy neologism. >>>

Matt McMullen of Abyss Creations is creating a robotic head to attach to his love dolls.

Sexbot Perspectives: Benefits of ‘Relationship Robots’ Outweigh the Risks

RealDoll creator Matt McMullen reframes the conversation on sex robots.>>>

Sexbot Perspectives: Expert Roundup

Our ongoing library of responses on the pros and cons of creating sex robots.>>>

Sexbot Perspectives: Sex Robots Will Lead to Fewer Broken Hearts and Lonely Souls

A sex doll vendor’s insight on future human-robot relationships.>>>

A cute robot holds out a flower.

Sexbot Perspectives: Robot Sex Workers Will Help Human Relationships

Researcher envisions sex-positive future with eroticized machines.>>>

Kathleen Richardson speak about the ethics of sex robots at a TedX Talk.

Sexbot Perspectives: Mechanical Dolls Will Harm Society and Promote Rape

UK ethicist warns about dangers of creating sex robots.>>>

Davecat appearing on the TV show My Strange Addiction

iDollator Culture: Inside the Minds of Men Who Love Dolls

A Q&A with three people in relationships with life-sized, synthetic women.>>>

An image depicting struggle over patent law.

LovePalz must pay $56,100 in damages after losing ‘teledildonic’ patent suit

Judge rules against startup that failed to defend itself. >>>

How to Build a Robot Sex Worker

Is society ready for mechanical lovers?>>>

A couple hold each other close.

How Will Augmented Reality Change Intimacy?

Navigating the endless sexual possibilities offered by AR.>>>

Virtual Sex: Is It Real Sex?

As technology opens more and more channels for sexual communication, it’s also putting what we call “sex” up for >>>

A passionate couple sit at the park.

Spice Up Your Relationship with Sex Tech

How long-term couples can dial up the passion with new technologies.>>>

Say Goodbye to the Mod: Patent Suit Ends Production of Open-Source Dildo

Comingle’s mind-controlled vibrator becomes a bygone.>>>

A photo of a neuro-headset created by Australian company Emotiv.

Neural Headsets Can Align Your Brainwaves with Your Lover’s

Mind sex and long-distance orgasms could be right around the corner.>>>

A sad little robot standing on the floor.

‘Love and Sex with Robots’ Conference Shut Down After Pressure from Authorities

It’s a sad day for robots and the people who love them.>>>