Reversible Male Contraceptive Vasalgel Raises $85K for Clinical Trials

A new, no-scalpel vasectomy may arrive if human testing proves successful.>>>

IVF Technique for 3-Parent Babies May Soon See Human Trials

New process could end inherited genetic disorders.>>>

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How Will Augmented Reality Change Intimacy?

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Stem Cell Therapy Could Treat Female Sexual Arousal Disorders

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First Penis Transplant in US Given to Cancer Survivor

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Spice Up Your Relationship with Sex Tech

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Ray Kurzweil’s Sex Predictions: Remote Touching, Body Swapping, and More

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Neurosex: Sci-Fi Series Translates Sex Into Code Your Brain Can Download

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How Many People Want Implants That Deliver Instant Orgasms?

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Gender Diversity and Asexuality: Future Sexualities Part 2

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Grinding: Biohacking and the Future of Sex

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Scientists Create Artificial Sperm That Produce Healthy Mice Offspring

Breakthrough could lead to the end of male infertility. >>>

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First U.S. Womb Transplant May Allow Infertile Woman to Give Birth

Trans women and men could one day become pregnant, too.>>>

Man with ‘Bionic Penis’ to Have Sex for the First Time

Genital implant patient hopes to gain sexual function.>>>

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Johns Hopkins Plans 60 Penis Transplants for Injured Veterans

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Male to female sex reassignment surgery

Sex Change Surgery: How Does It Work?

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Biohackers Want to Save Lives with DIY Gynaecology

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Sex in 2115: Biohacking Bodies and Turning Ourselves into Sexual Cyborgs

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Neural Headsets Can Align Your Brainwaves with Your Lover’s

Mind sex and long-distance orgasms could be right around the corner.>>>

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The Future of Female Orgasm: Pink Pill Uses Neurochemistry To Bring Women to Bliss

For women, could achieving orgasm become as easy as popping a pill?>>>

We may experience sexual pleasure by directly stimulating the brain in the future.

Neurostimulation: Future Sex Toys Could Be Brain Implants

New sex devices may excite neural pleasure pathways directly.>>>

Three Parents Kids: What Do They Mean for the Future of Sex?

Technology to produce children with three genetic parents is now legal in the UK.>>>

Scott O'Brien talks about remote sex at the November 2014 Future of Sex meetup in Sydney.

The ‘Huggable Internet’ Is Changing the Game for Remote Sex

Augmented reality expert Scott O’Brien on interactive sex’s swift steps forward>>>

Artificial Genitals Are Now a Reality

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3-Breasted Woman Deemed a Hoax, Dashing Sci-Fi Dreams

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How to Have ‘Mind Sex’ and the Perks of Getting It on with Avatars

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