4 Ways Sex Robots Will Heat Up Sex and Make Us Better Lovers

Don’t fear the sexbots. They’ll teach us how to have mind-blowing sex.

Two androids stand close.

At our second Future of Sex meetup in Sydney, Dr. Michelle Mars spoke about the inevitability of sex robots. They are coming, whether the idea frightens or delights you.

However, there may be more reason to celebrate than to take precaution.

Five years ago, Mars predicted high-end Amsterdam brothels would be renting out humanoid sex workers by 2050. In a paper coauthored by tourism futurist Ian Yeoman of the Victoria University of Wellington, she discussed the benefits—not the least of which being a possible drop in sexual slavery.

On a lighter note, at the meetup Mars shared the tantalizing ways sex robots will heat up the bedroom, and how they can turn us into sex gurus with wildly satisfying erotic lives.

1. Robots will remember what made the sex unforgettable

The supercomputer Watson can process 80 trillion operations in a second. It also diagnoses and picks treatment for cancer patients in New York. What if similar artificial intelligence were programmed for sex?

With such advances, Mars says she expects sex robots will be able to learn what we like in bed. Even better is they will then teach us how to recreate our hottest sexual moments.

“You learn the most about sex when you are having your peak sexual experiences, and you can’t always take those experiences forward because you can’t necessarily remember how you did them,” she said.

“But if you have that peak sexual experience with a robot, and the robot will remember it and be able to teach you how to do it again.”

2. Sexbots will take on the masterful role of ultimate sexual teacher

These artificially intelligent sexbots will open up a whole new sexual space, Mars added, particularity for folks who aren’t willing to put in the time to learn how to have better sex.

Even as a sexuality researcher, Mars admits it can be hard to explain to others all that she’s learned since she began exploring and studying sex.

“It takes a lot of effort and energy and commitment to learn that,” she said. “If you have a robot that can teach you, it could teach everybody.”

In a few decades, you won’t have to feel guilty about your dusty copy of the Kama Sutra, or your lackluster skills in the boudoir. Smart humanoids designed for pleasure could do all the heavy lifting for you.

3. Sex robots will offer us liminal sexual experiences

According to Mars, a liminal sexual experience is one that takes you outside of yourself. Not unlike going to a hotel for sex, you leave your standard setting for something new and better.

Sex robots will enable something similar by offering an entirely novel experience, perhaps one where people can explore fantasies they are too shy to try with humans. They could offer a safe space for experimentation.

“You do something that’s different, then when you leave that space you go back to being yourself again,” she said.

“You’re changed by that space, but don’t continue doing what you’d been doing in that space, and technology enables that.”

Mars summed it up with the catchphrase “what goes on tour stays on tour.”

4. Sex robots will be good for monogamy

The most common question Mars gets is about whether sex with a robot would be considered cheating. Her answer is it would depend on each couple’s unique moral boundaries around sex and flirting while in a relationship.

One upside, however, is having sex with a robot likely wouldn’t challenge people as much as having sex with a human being might in terms of cheating, Mars added.

This could be huge for keeping the fire going in long-term relationships.

“What happens in a lot of relationships is that because people don’t want to cheat, they end up not having sex anymore—they lose their libido. And I think sex robots have the potential to really kind of stimulate, to keep on having sex to keep that sexual energy,” Mars said.

“They could be really good for monogamy. In fact, I will say they will be good for monogamy.”

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    Can’t wait for the future to come.

  • I have to say that I never really considered the angle that Gynoids and Androids will be able to recall what their partner’s preferences are in bed, and to help improve their experiences and skills as well… it only stands to reason.

    Regarding Dr Mars’ statement that the use of a Gynoid or Android with a traditional Organik couple can reduce cheating, I think it’s an excellent idea, but I also think that depends on the level of artificial intelligence the Synthetik has: if it’s limited, they may view the Synthetik as a very sophisticated sex toy, and nothing more. If the Synthetik has a level of self-awareness, however, then the couple may get into an issue where one partner may feel it’s akin to cheating. The best option in that scenario would be where both Organik partners would discuss beforehand what their boundaries are, so as to avoid anyone being possibly neglected in favour of the Gynoid or Android. Overall, it’s a brilliant idea, though, but results may vary, as they say.

    Finally, reducing sex trafficking is always a goal, but I’m not sure replacing would-be sex slaves with Gynoids would be the definitive solution across the board. It’d work for some offenders, but I believe others get off, literally and figuratively, on the subjugation of living human beings, so an artificial human might not satisfy them. It’s an entirely slippery slope, and that’s not taking into account when we reach a point where humanoid robots do have sentience – offering them up to sex offenders make us no better than the sex offenders themselves.

    • Dr Michelle Mars

      Good point re offering them up to sex offenders. If they are sentient then there is no difference. There’s going to be a lot of moral debate in this space. Humans will make the same mistakes we always have and AI will make different ones.

    • Jenna Owsianik

      Yes, of course, I agree with you both that if humanoid robots do acquire sentience then people using them to carry out abusive acts would be no solution at all. This makes me wonder how far away we are from sentient robots. I hear more predictions about the singularity and when sex robots will be commonplace, but I don’t believe I know about when it’s expected that robots will have self-awareness and be able to feel and perceive things. Any one have a prediction?

      It’s funny, Dr. Mars said at the meetup that the most common question she gets is whether robot sex would be considered cheating. Self-awareness would complicate matters for sure, at least in my mind. However, it always depends on the couple. One person at the meetup said that some people consider going to lunch with someone else cheating, so in such instances a sex robot wouldn’t help a relationship even if it hadn’t become self-aware. It’s a subjective question, though you are right Davecat about discussion between Organik partners.