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Multiplayer Sex Game Chathouse 3D Updates Graphics and Adds Sex Toy Support

The latest upgrades also improve in-game experience.

Online sex game Chathouse 3D has improved its graphics.

thriXXX, the company behind several 3D animated virtual sex games, has just released a set of exciting updates to its multiplayer sex game Chathouse 3D Roulette [NSFW]. The most noteworthy changes are improved graphics and compatibility with Kiiroo’s interactive sex devices.

Chathouse 3D is a sex simulation community that allows players to customize their avatars and use them to get hot and heavy with others online. You can even become a voyeur and spy on different players’ intimate acts.

The racy scenarios to choose from were already quite explicit and diverse. However, they’ve now become much more lifelike after a round of enhancements to graphics, including better texture and lighting effects.

Bodies, clothing, and general atmosphere in the adult world appear more realistic and vivid. The images above show comparisons of Chathouse 3D before and after the improvements.

Konrad Straubinger of thriXXX told Future of Sex the November 12 updates also include support for both Kiiroo’s teledildonics toys: the smart vibrator, the Pearl, and the interactive male sex sleeve, the Onyx. They use haptic feedback to make the online sexual encounters feel real.

Players of the multiplayer sex game Chathouse 3D can now access the store from inside the game.

Newcomers will be happy to learn the updates also include in-game guided tutorials to help take players through the first steps of the 3D sex game.

Functionality has improved as well. To unlock specific body modifications, clothing, sex acts and positions, or other upgrades, you can now buy them directly inside the game. There are also 36 new color options for clothing.

Chathouse 3D has been tested with the latest developer version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. However, thriXXX is waiting for the release of the consumer version in early 2016 to build in the VR feature, Straubinger said.

There are also plans to add support for the Vstroker [NSFW], a teledildonic attachment for the top-selling male sex sleeve Fleshlight [NSFW], into the multiplayer sex game. thriXXX’s most popular virtual sex game 3D SexVilla 2 [NSFW] already enables in-game use of the device.

See more images showing the updated features below.

Image sources: Chathouse 3D/thriXX [NSFW]

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  • Will this new sex chat game be the next alternative to preventing HIV/AIDS?

    • Jenna Owsianik

      That’s definitely a possibility if the tech gets so good that virtual sex combined with haptic feedback becomes just as good, or even better, than the “real” thing.

  • Thanks Jenna for getting back to me about such important topic. Can you explain haptic feedback? Is haptic feedback the same as psychological feedback or biofeedback?

    • Jenna Owsianik

      I’m not sure what psychological feedback is, but I don’t think haptic feedback is like either of those. Haptic feedback uses touch and motion sensors to pick up movements from a person or thing and send the sensation of touch via vibrations, force, and other motions. A common example is a joy stick or video controller that vibrates when playing a shooting game. But haptic feedback is also being used to transmit touch between different people. This could have a major impact on the way people have virtual sex as you could actually feel a person who could be miles away.

      • So, does this haptic feedback include a transaction of communication between a person in the real world and some being in the virtual world?