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The Kiiroo Review: Bridging the Gap to Simultaneous Stimulation

Defying distance with advanced connective technology.

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A common theme in future state depictions is always the potential for communication and interaction across seemingly insurmountable distances.

This is an idea that has transcended fiction and fantasy; telecommunication technological development is a significant focus on 21st-century life. We can be with each other across continents and oceans, sharing our lives despite not sharing the same air.

With this continuous growth in long-distance contact, it makes no surprise that the sex industry has taken notice. It is a natural fit, after all. If we can reach out to people across the world, there will surely be some folks we want to reach out and “touch.” And now we can.

The Kiiroo system of sex devices is one of the most intriguing I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy. They are breakthrough products that grab a hold of those future dreams and make long-distance connection, touch, and stimulation a reality.

Two sides, one coin

For the capabilities it offers, the setup of the Kiiroo system is remarkably simple. The idea is that you and a partner will be able to interact together via both video link and by manipulating each other’s sex devices. The package I received included both a stunning vibrator and a sophisticated penis stimulator.

Through the Kiiroo portal and a Bluetooth connection, you can connect the two devices with each partner’s motions causing a related effect in the other partner’s device. Each can also work on its own and are quite proficient in supplying pleasure—but the interactivity is what makes Kiiroo a marvel.

The male-focused device is called the Onyx and it features a soft, removable sleeve with some contour. One button turns it on and cycles through the settings. It also features a very discreet trackpad that you can use to create specific motion in both devices. If there is one fault in this whole system, I suggest the ring that holds the sleeve in place could be improved. It can pop off and is sometimes challenging to attach at all.

The female-focused device is the Pearl. Coated with a soft and pleasant silicone, it also features a curved tip that could allow G-spot or prostate stimulation for those with the right body shape. It too has one single button that will initialize either coupled play or continuous vibration. Much like the Onyx’s trackpad, stroking the shaft of the Pearl will send motion to the Onyx.

kiiroo platform

Each of these devices is very comfortable and pleasurable. They would be considered great quality as standalone objects. However, it is their interactivity that sets the whole group apart as special—with the tremendous Kiiroo platform an integral part of the combination.

It is through the platform that you connect your two devices, with one partner having control at a time. I received the Pearl and the Onyx; however, that pairing is not the only one available. You can mix and match any of the sex toys to suit your sexual configurations—and you are not limited to just two!

Through Kiiroo, you connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices by sharing a code. It is as simple as that. And once you are connected, a solid video and audio link is established. No lag, no delay, crisp quality.

Learning again

One of the aspects that makes Kiiroo so fun is the sense that you’re learning all about sex for the first time. Both the Pearl and the Onyx feel fantastic and interact in very sophisticated ways—but they aren’t a complete recreation of the types of touch we may be used to.

There is some fumbling. There is a learning curve. The responsiveness of each toy is strong, but not exact. The Pearl’s shaft can be touched in different ways and with different pressures, and the Onyx user will feel this transferred sense of touch, though it might not be an exact representation. Learning how to control this device will be a lot of fun!

On the other hand, the Onyx’s trackpad is more precise in transmitting vibration variations to the Pearl. By simply sliding a finger up and down, the Onyx will control the intensity in the Pearl.

Reaching further

The primary function of the Kiiroo connectivity is to pair people together across any distance. As long as you have Bluetooth and WiFi, you are all set. However, I see another erotic possibility that could be explored from afar or with people in the same room.

Given that interactivity is one way, there is tremendous potential to explore power dynamics and orgasm control. The partner in charge of the connection can ramp up the other’s stimulation, such as increasing the intensity of the Pearl’s vibration—and then abruptly stopping, only restart, slowly.

An ebb and flow of variable stimulation, potentially partnered with consensually demanding language could bring a new dimension of pleasure to your relationship.

Kiiroo's Pearl an Onyx remote sex toys.

Another connection

My primary focus in testing Kiiroo and the Pearl and Onyx devices was interactive coupled play. However, Kiiroo has taken its platform and products to another level by encoding exciting adult films with interactivity. You can connect your device and feel it react to the action on the screen.

For anybody who has wanted to know what it is like to be in the sexy moving pictures, this is it! The pressure and vibration produced is well synched with the video clips and provides a more consistent sensation than coupled play.

Really, it is a win/win situation however you choose to enjoy Kiiroo products. And for those who have the capability, there is also VR content that can be viewed with Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard.

The Kiiroo system is the trendsetting innovation that sets the stage for the long-anticipated and finally realized sexual experience of long-distance connection. It is so far ahead of other products that it will be some time before another comes at all close to matching its capabilities. Both the Onyx and the Pearl are standout items on their own that coalesce into pure pleasure when paired together with the Kiiroo platform.

*I was provided these products free of charge by Kiiroo in exchange for an honest review. This review contains affiliate links.

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