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Trak’s Sperm Testing System: A New Spin on Male Fertility

At-home sperm counting centrifuge claims more accurate readings.

The FDA recently approved this sperm counting centrifuge for at home use.

It’s a fundamental rule of technology: the first iteration does what it is supposed to do, the second usually does it better.

In the case of home testing kits for male fertility, the YO Home Sperm Test was the first to receive FDA approval. But now the developers of the Trak male fertility testing system, which also just received a go-ahead from the FDA, are claiming their new technology can give a more accurate sperm count reading.

Unlike the YO Home Test system, that needs a smartphone attachment to read a sample, Trak doesn’t need anything but its nifty little home centrifuge and a sperm sample. However, the Trak smartphone app is recommended to interpret the reading.

How Trak works

After receiving the Trak system, either direct from the company or through a fertility doctor, the user provides a sperm sample in one of the provided cups. After a quick swirl, the cup is left to rest for 30 minutes. One more swirl and it’s time to introduce a drop or two into the center of the Trak “prop:”a battery-powered centrifuge.

After spinning the sample in the centrifuge, the user gets a reading of “low,” “moderate,” or “optimal.” YO’s technology, on the other hand, limits its assessment to just “good” or “bad.”

A competitive app

Trak’s companion app, in addition to giving information on how to interpret the results, also provides customized advice for men on how to increase their fertility. As Trak puts it, the system follows the idea of “Test,” “Learn,” and then “Improve.”

Tips are based on user responses to profile and lifestyle questions about recreational drug use, age, exercise, diet, and so forth. The app also links to the site “Don’t Cook Your Balls” which offers fun and educational articles on male fertility, but isn’t directly affiliated with Trak.

In the end, the choice of which system to use is up to both personal preferences and the recommendation of professionals.

In the meantime, we are eager to see the next stage in home sperm testing technology: we have one that works, one that might work better, so who knows what’s coming next?

Image source: Trak

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