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How to Control Your Sex Dreams with Science and Sex Tech

Technology can bring you pleasure on demand—all in your sleep.

For decades, science and business have been working together to help us take hold of our erotic dreams so we can have them at will.

Lucid dreaming is a proven phenomenon in which dreamers realize they’re not awake, and then gain total control while still asleep. In a lucid dream you can fly, go to new places, or fulfill any fantasy. It’s possible to learn lucid dreaming with practice, and both research and devices are available to teach us how.

What’s most exciting is how they can be applied to create vivid sexual dreams of your choosing.

The Science of Sex Dreams

Stephen LaBerge specializes in dream sex and orgasms. He started studying lucid dreams since research in the area began in the ‘80s, and led Stanford University’s groundbreaking work into whether dreams are controllable. He also founded The Lucidity Institute, which researches what humans are capable of while asleep.

In this video, LaBerge explains how people can experience consciousness while in the dream world.

According to LaBerge, we hold the potential to control our dream states for two reasons. First, we can still use our brains while asleep, including our consciousness. The second is that the sleeping mind doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality.

During dreams, there are patterns of movement in the central nervous system. Meanwhile, the autonomic nervous system controls your organs, survival instincts, and arousal. Your body reacts to the central nervous system’s patterns much like it would while awake. The neurons that handle consciousness still fire up. This causes us to feel and sense our dreams, and believe they’re real until we rise from slumber.

At the same time, arousal is a common sensation during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) type of sleep, a stage when the most realistic dreams occur. The genitals will also regularly swell up throughout the night by themselves. If you will yourself into a sexual situation during sleep, the senses will follow with sharp vividness because of those neurons working on your nervous system. Your whole body acts like it’s experiencing sex.

How to Have Lucid Sex Dreams

Most lucidity training and inventions aren’t designed to be sexual. However, people can unlock their sexual potential by focusing their energies on creating erotic dream scenarios.

The following proven techniques can be used to take command of the sleeping state in order to have lucid sex dreams.

  • Dream supplement pills tend to contain the brain enhancing chemicals galantamine and choline, which make your dreams more vivid and lucid. Vitamin B5 also gives more intense experiences.
  • The Walking-Induced Lucid Dream (WILD) technique was inspired by Buddhist dream yoga. It’s the most powerful lucidity practice, according several online anecdotes. This is because you can choose when to practice being lucid, plus there’s no unconscious period between sleep and dreaming. Four to six hours after falling asleep an alarm wakes you. You then relax and repeat to yourself, “I’m dreaming.” In this sleep-deprived state, the dream begins before sleep takes hold again. Next, there’s a half-awake period of hallucination. At last, while you remind yourself that you’re dreaming, the lucid dream begins and you can visualize your fantasy.

The Sex Dream Business

Among the many lucidity techniques and gadgets out there, some are specifically designed to create pleasure during sleep. For example, English entrepreneur Tony Maggs has invented a vibrator that helps train its users to have erotic lucid dreams.

The Dream Rooster a small wearable device that goes inside the underwear and vibrates every few hours during sleep. The women’s is a slip of plastic that covers the genitals. The men’s is a ring that fits snugly around both the penis and testicles. If the wearer is in a dream and feels the vibration, according to Maggs, he or she will realize that they’re dreaming.

This product has come on the heels of Little Rooster, an alarm clock similar to the Dream Rooster made by the same company. It wakes up the wearer by gently increasing vibrations.

According to Dream Rooster’s Indiegogo page, users reported having vivid sexual dreams before they woke and that’s where Maggs got the idea for the eponymous device. This phenomenon of having vivid visions while mostly asleep is what the powerful WILD technique uses to create lucidity.

The Little Rooster got rave reviews from several publications and some impressed words from late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel. Despite the press its successor the Dream Rooster failed to reach its $45,000 goal on Indiegogo when the campaign ended in January. However, it did attract 73 backers that funded 10% of the target in exchange for cut-price Dream Roosters.

While the Dream Rooster didn’t take off, dreaming and sex are popular activities that go well together. It’s natural to wish you could summon dream sex at will. The Dream Rooster’s many backers suggest that there is a market of people waiting for an inexpensive machine to help grant that wish.

If you could take control your dreams what would you do?

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