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Get in the Mood with Vibease’s Sexy App Updates

Long-distance sex platform now supports live video calls and phallic vibrator.

Vibease adds Esthesia rabbit vibrator to its sex toy app platform

Vibease, one of the leaders in teledildonics innovation, has added two updates to its erotic audiobook and sex toy platform.

Meet Esthesia

The first is Esthesia: a phallic vibrator that provides both G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Composed of soft silicone, Esthesia, according to Vibease, is an improvement on the classic “rabbit” design.

It launched in February and stems from a partnership between Vibease and another sex toy company.

Like the company’s namesake remote sex vibrator, Esthesia can be paired with the Vibease app. The app lets lovers send touch and sexy stories to and from anywhere with an Internet connection. They can create their own unique vibratory patterns that sync to action in their custom made voice recordings or opt for solo action by linking vibrators to pre-recorded erotic audiobooks.

Opening up the Vibease app to new products marks a change of direction for the sex tech company.

“We now make Vibease as a platform for other sex toys. We provide the technology for other companies to make their sex toys become smart,” Vibease co-founder and CEO Dema Tio told Future of Sex.

“It’s a great partnership. Other vibrator companies can focus on manufacturing and selling and we can focus on building great apps. We can focus more on building great apps and make sex toys event smarter.”

Seeing and feeling

The second update adds voice and video calling to the Vibease app.

Using the Android or iOS apps, which work similar to Skype, registered users can now not just remotely control an Esthesia or a Vibease they can see their partners’ expressions while they do so.

Being able to have real-time calls definitely enhances the user experience, and is certainly a desirable feature for long-distance sex.

The above updates follow Vibease’s efforts to develop a male version of the Her software, as in the 2013 Spike Jonze film,

A past patent problem

It’s also worth noting that Vibease was one of six sex tech companies named a defendant in arecent patent lawsuit. The legal action was brought by last year by TZU Technologies which holds rights to the remote sex patent (nicknamed both the ‘268 or the Hassex patent).

This month, Vibease agreed to a settlement with TZU Technologies of an undeclared amount. It may have been a cost effective way for Vibease to move on, instead of continuing with its counterclaim that the patent in question is invalid.

TZU Technologies, as Ars Technica points out, appears to be a patent troll operation: a company set up primarily to claim ownership of a type of technology just to sue other developers. Instead of entering into a costly legal battle many companies choose not to fight in court but pay a settlement to put the matter aside.

Image source: Vibease

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