Virtual Sex

Virtual Sex: Is It Real Sex?

As technology opens more and more channels for sexual communication, it’s also putting what we call “sex” up for reinterpretation.

You can have video sex calls on your smartphone. You can exchange racy messages with strangers in adult chatrooms and virtual sex worlds. You can, if you choose, even have good old-fashioned phone sex with your honey while on a business trip.

What’s missing in these scenarios is, of course, physical contact between partners. But does that mean it’s not real sex? Or do sex acts lie rather on a spectrum that resists easy definition?

We were lucky enough to hear futurist Marc Pesce’s take on the subject a while back at one of our Sydney meetup events.

Is virtual sex actually sex? Share your comments below!

TRANSCRIPT: I think what’s happening is that distinctions that used to be reasonably clear—not perfectly clear, reasonably clear—are just going on a gradient…because even when you are connected physically to another person, there’s still something going on in your head which is making that the hottest experience in the world, right?

So there’s still always that side of it, that’s virtual and we acknowledge that, right? All the way to something which is, “You’re right. This is entirely your own scene, it’s entirely your own show.” In a way the technology is giving us more points on that scale, but that scale has always existed.

Image source: Luis Hernandez [NSFW]

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