Spice Up Your Relationship with Sex Tech

How long-term couples can dial up the passion with new technologies.

A passionate couple sit at the park.

According to sex educator and therapist Jacqueline Hellyer, one of the most common issues that arise when talking to people in long-term relationships is boredom in the bedroom.

But sex tech, if used well, could help lovers explore each other’s fantasies and create more intimate and fulfilling experiences. The key, says Hellyer, is to make sure these tech-enhanced moments are interactive with your partner.

This sounds like good advice, especially considering a recent study shows 10% of people check their phones during sex. Another study, by condom brand Durex, blames “digital distraction” for getting in the way of couple’s sex lives on vacation.

To learn more about how you can use sex tech to turn up the heat in your relationship, listen to Hellyer in the video from one of our Sydney meetups. The full transcript is posted underneath

I spend a lot of time talking to couples who have been in long-term relationships and one of the biggest issues is boredom. It’s always a challenge for couples in long-term relationships, is how can they keep their sex life interesting, and so forth.

Like all technology if it’s used well, it can really augment our lives and make it better. These days, I might encourage couples to maybe share fantasies, or read erotica to each other, or maybe watch something on the Internet, if that’s what they fancy. But it could become really interesting if you create some holo[graphic] experience for your partner and met them in there, “Well, tonight, I’m going to be Angelina Jolie,” and see what that’s like,

If you did it in a way that was an interactive experience, because at the moment some people have normal standard sex, where penis and vagina, and genitals are meeting, but they are actually not there. It’s actually not an intimate experience. It’s just, okay, so your genitals are connected but your head is somewhere else in fantasy land. So even having real sex doesn’t mean that it’s an intimate experience, whereas completely unreal sex could be a beautifully intimate experience. It’s all about how you use it.

It’s kind of interesting when you say the teenagers seem to be getting this hopefully, because they are growing up in this world of reality and non-reality, and they can use the non-reality. And maybe they’ll be better able to use these kinds of technologies as they emerge and just go with them.

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