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A couple hold each other close.

How Will Augmented Reality Change Intimacy?

Navigating the endless sexual possibilities offered by AR.>>>

Virtual Sex: Is It Real Sex?

As technology opens more and more channels for sexual communication, it’s also putting what we call “sex” up for >>>

A passionate couple sit at the park.

Spice Up Your Relationship with Sex Tech

How long-term couples can dial up the passion with new technologies.>>>

A photo of a neuro-headset created by Australian company Emotiv.

Neural Headsets Can Align Your Brainwaves with Your Lover’s

Mind sex and long-distance orgasms could be right around the corner.>>>

Sydney Meetup: Leading Experts on Wearables, AR and VR in the Future of Sex

Come along to meet other interesting “sex futurists” in the area!>>>

Virtual reality

Sex and Artificial Intelligence: Will Computers Satisfy Our Fantasies?

Smart technologies could decode and give you what you want in the bedroom. >>>

Professor Catharine Lumby talks about the evolution of sex and technology.

The Close and Evolving Relationship between Sex and Technology

How does tech affect human sexuality? Or is it the other way around? >>>

A robot and an artificial woman stand close.

4 Ways Sex Robots Will Heat Up Sex and Make Us Better Lovers

Don’t fear the sexbots. They’ll teach us how to have mind-blowing sex.>>>

A row of feminine sex robots are shown in this image.

Future of Sex Meetup: The State of Sex Robots

Join us on May 6 in Sydney to explore the making of robot lovers.>>>

Mark Pesce and Jacqueline Hellyer at the November 2014 Future of Sex meetup in Sydney.

Virtual Intimacy: The Digital Age Is Creating New Definitions for Sex

Forget what you thought you knew about sex and intimacy.>>>

Scott O'Brien talks about remote sex at the November 2014 Future of Sex meetup in Sydney.

The ‘Huggable Internet’ Is Changing the Game for Remote Sex

Augmented reality expert Scott O’Brien on interactive sex’s swift steps forward>>>

Get Insights From 4 Exceptional Speakers at the Future of Sex Meetup

Please join us at our inaugural panel in Sydney.>>>