Remote Sex

A picture of a legal objects.

The 6 Sex Tech Companies Facing Lawsuits for Patent Infringement

Legal troubles may dramatically change the market for remote sex.  >>>

A couple embrace in 3DX Chat, an online sex game that supports Oculus Rift.

Review: The Best VR Online Sex Games for Oculus Rift

Adult sex games for the virtual reality explorer.>>>

The Master Beta Kit by Orgasmatronics

Erotic Engineering: An Open-Source Sex Toy Hacking Kit for Beginners

Dr. X. Treme teaches us how to program sex toys.>>>

the mod hackable vibrator

Introducing the Mod: Comingle’s Hackable, Mind-Controlled Vibrator

Bored of your standard-issue personal sex device? Psychic sex toys have arrived.>>>

Scott O'Brien talks about remote sex at the November 2014 Future of Sex meetup in Sydney.

The ‘Huggable Internet’ Is Changing the Game for Remote Sex

Augmented reality expert Scott O’Brien on interactive sex’s swift steps forward>>>

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood on ‘Prostibots,’ Remote Sex and the Robotic Age

The Canadian novelist’s musings about sex and robots in The New York Times.>>>


KIIROO CEO Toon Timmermans on Teledildonics, Patents and the Onyx

Will the KIIROO Onyx deliver on promises of online intimacy?>>>

LovePalz Club Friend List

Adult Social Network Connects Strangers via Sex Toys

One night stands of the future may be electronic. >>>

Loving couple lying in bed

Sex Fitness Tracking Heats Up with Discreet Wearable

A new sex measurement device does away with cumbersome cords.>>>

The RealTouch device was discontinued after a patent suit.

Are Patents to Blame for Stalling Teledildonics?

Seeking solutions for more futuristic, long-distance love gadgets and social networks. >>>

Fleshlight's LaunchPAD makes it possible to bone your iPad.

You Can Now Have Sex with Your iPad, but Will You?

After two years of anticipation, you can finally make love to your iPad.>>>

A young woman tests out Fundawear.

Wearable Technology Gets a Sexy Fashion Makeover

Sex tech could look so good in the future that no one will know you are wearing it.>>>

OhMiBod's blueMotion vibrator and remote app makes staying intimate with long-distances lovers possible.

Control Your Lover’s Vibrator with OhMiBod’s New Remote App

Distance means nothing. All you need is WiFi to get frisky with someone far away.>>>

A 3D printer creates a small dildo.

Infographic: The State of 3D Sex Toy Printing

Create your own X-rated toys at home with digital technology. >>>

Woman connects with partner over FriXion.

FriXion Beta Invites Users to Have Sex with Robots

The dawn of a new technosexual age is upon us.>>>

Kiss transfer devices make it possible to smooch your lover remotely.

Kiss Transfer Device Lets You Smooch over the Internet

Kissing your long-distance sweetie may no longer be the dream of a lonely heart. >>>

Attractive model lays on couch with computer.

Poll Results: Who People Want to Have Sex with over the Internet

Nearly a third of our readers chose strangers as their ideal lovers for remote sex.>>>

Lovense sex toys exchange signals for long-distance sex.

2-Way Sex Toys Raise the Stakes in Sex Tech

Virtual sex just got a whole lot more interesting—and interactive.>>>

Pretty model blows kiss to camera

Are Haptic Sex Toys Sparking a New Form of Prostitution?

The line between pornography and prostitution is getting blurry.>>>


FriXion: You Feel Them, They Feel You

This exciting new social network will allow you and your partner to engage in remote sex like never before.>>>

Brain image courtesy of Liz Henry

Neurogaming Expo Shows Where Digital Intimacy Is Headed

No controller necessary – straight for the brain>>>


Infographic: The Evolution and State of Teledildonics

Comparison of the market leaders in remote sex technology>>>


Japanese Robot Offers Holographic Augmented Reality System for Your Home

Japanese augmented-reality robot could begin a new human and computer sex revolution.>>>


More Touch Tech for Long-Distance Lovers: Hugging Shirts, Coming Soon?

It was called “Best Invention of 2006” – so where is it?>>>


Exploring the future: would you like to have a crowd orgasm?

Let’s imagine what it might be like to have a crowd orgasm, because that might be our future…>>>


Haptic Humans: The Infinite Pleasure Possibilities of the Remote Sex Avatar

John Cameron took the word “avatar” out of the realm of 2D thumbnails…>>>


Mojowijo: Teledildonics Comes to the Wii

If you bought a Wii and kicked yourself when teledildonics came to the Kinect, you’re in luck!>>>


RealTouch Can Bring the Teledildonics Conjugal Visit to Reality

Virtual toy maker RealTouch unveils their latest creation and proposes an ingenious idea for its trial run.>>>


Can We Transmit Emotions Through Telepresence Robots?

Remotely projecting your presence has never looked so weird…>>>