Remote Sex

A 3D printer creates a small dildo.

Infographic: The State of 3D Sex Toy Printing

Create your own X-rated toys at home with digital technology. >>>

Woman connects with partner over FriXion.

FriXion Beta Invites Users to Have Sex with Robots

The dawn of a new technosexual age is upon us.>>>

Kiss transfer devices make it possible to smooch your lover remotely.

Kiss Transfer Device Lets You Smooch over the Internet

Kissing your long-distance sweetie may no longer be the dream of a lonely heart. >>>

Attractive model lays on couch with computer.

Poll Results: Who People Want to Have Sex with over the Internet

Nearly a third of our readers chose strangers as their ideal lovers for remote sex.>>>

Lovense sex toys exchange signals for long-distance sex.

First 2-Way Sex Toys Raise the Stakes in Sex Tech

Virtual sex just got a whole lot more interesting — and interactive.>>>

Pretty model blows kiss to camera

Are Haptic Sex Toys Sparking a New Form of Prostitution?

The line between pornography and prostitution is getting blurry.>>>


FriXion: You Feel Them, They Feel You

This exciting new social network will allow you and your partner to engage in remote sex like never before.>>>

Brain image courtesy of Liz Henry

Neurogaming Expo Shows Where Digital Intimacy Is Headed

No controller necessary – straight for the brain>>>


Infographic: The Evolution and State of Teledildonics

Comparison of the market leaders in remote sex technology>>>


Japanese Robot Offers Holographic Augmented Reality System for Your Home

Japanese augmented-reality robot could begin a new human and computer sex revolution.>>>


More Touch Tech for Long-Distance Lovers: Hugging Shirts, Coming Soon?

It was called “Best Invention of 2006” – so where is it?>>>


Exploring the future: would you like to have a crowd orgasm?

Let’s imagine what it might be like to have a crowd orgasm, because that might be our future…>>>


Haptic Humans: The Infinite Pleasure Possibilities of the Remote Sex Avatar

John Cameron took the word “avatar” out of the realm of 2D thumbnails…>>>


Mojowijo: Teledildonics Comes to the Wii

If you bought a Wii and kicked yourself when teledildonics came to the Kinect, you’re in luck!>>>


RealTouch Can Bring the Teledildonics Conjugal Visit to Reality

Virtual toy maker RealTouch unveils their latest creation and proposes an ingenious idea for its trial run.>>>


Can We Transmit Emotions Through Telepresence Robots?

Remotely projecting your presence has never looked so weird…>>>


Can Siri Control Your Sex Life?

What’s stopping you from turning Siri into a serious sex machine? Not much, it seems.>>>


How to Kiss Someone Over the Internet

Intimacy at a distance with your lover or your favorite star>>>

Picture 68

Remote Pleasure Offers The Full Teledildonics Experience

A company with all the remote sex options…>>>

Picture 69

An Intimate Communication Device for Long Distance Relationships

Mutsugoto allows distant partners to touch with light.>>>