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Rumuki App Strives to Keep Your Sex Tapes Secure

Double-key protection prevents your racy videos from being viewed without mutual consent.

In our increasingly connected society where it seems like every app, program, or social media platform is demanding we share everything, it is too easy to have serious regrets about doing so. And once something is uploaded online, it is often too late to do anything about it.

This is especially true when it comes to personal sex videos and erotic photos. There is a gaining momentum against sexual revenge sites, on which ethically challenged people share explicit and intimate images of former partners without permission and often with the intention of shaming and degrading them. However, most developers have sidestepped creating a way for couples to enjoy making their own erotic videos safely, without fear of what’s created ending up on the web if the relationship goes south.

This is where Nathan Kot steps in. He has created Rumuki, an iOS app (Android coming soon) designed from the ground up to give partners real security when it comes to recording their intimate moments.

How Rumuki works

The app secures itself with a two-key system with video encryption, which makes it so videos can only be replayed with the permission of both parties.

More specifically, you record a video on one iPhone while it is linked to a second one also using the Rumuki app. Once filming is complete, the video is automatically encrypted and each user is sent a special digital key. To unlock and play the video, users must get permission from the other first.

For those concerned about being hacked, rest assured: the only thing ever transmitted are the permission keys. The video always remaining on the phones involved, with no way for it to be removed or shared.

If for some reason any party has second thoughts, they can delete the video on both phones by throwing away the digital key within the app. It also revokes any viewing permissions previously granted.

This isn’t to say that someone might not be able to hack the app, or even just record a video using another device. Beyond that, we’d like to suggest an option to include three phones in the loop, for those who like their sexy videos with more than just two people.

Still, it’s good to see someone taking privacy concerns, especially when they involve sexuality, seriously. You could even say that apps like Rumuki are one of those things that should always be shared.

Image sources: Rumuki, Josh Hallett

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