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Is Wearing a VR Headset During Sex with Your Spouse Cheating?

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A Day in Your Mind-blowing Future Sex Life

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A beautiful animal girl wearing bridal clothing.

Tying a Virtual Knot: Japanese Guys Can Marry Anime Girls in VR

Video game plans mixed-reality wedding ceremony between players and characters. >>>

A woman appears with digital information overlayed in her physical environment.

Augmented Reality and the Future of Sex: Enhanced Lovers and High-Tech Dating

Could Facebook’s foray into AR help kick-start the tech’s erotic potential?>>>

Combating Crime in a Virtual Future Filled with Love and Sex

How can we best prevent exploitation as our erotic lives intertwine with the digital realm?>>>

VRotica: Headset Exclusively for Adult Content Aims to Democratize Access to VR Porn

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VRCosplayX Review: BaDoinkVR Launches VR Porn Site for Cosplay Fans

Popular characters brought to life in racy, immersive sex videos. >>>

Terpon Bets on Adult Live Camming to Move into Mainstream VR

Webcam company plans to shake up industry with innovative business model.>>>

Adult Stars Replaced by Digital Copies? It’ll Happen Sooner Than You Think!

Classic sex icons may return to the screen in their former youthfulness.>>>

The New Reality: What We Can Learn from PornHub’s 2016 VR Porn Stats

Adult entertainment site reveals growing interest in virtual reality.>>>

Smells Like Sex: Has Virtual Reality Crossed the Next Multi-sensory Frontier?

CamSoda is working on adding erotic aromas to VR porn. >>>

A screen shot from the erotic Japanese VR game Let's Play with Nanai.

Japanese Sex Game Mixes VR and Blow Up Doll for Immersive, Erotic Fun

New virtual reality simulation set to rock adult trade show.>>>

Haptic Holograms: Feel and Play with Beautiful Model Using Interactive VR Controllers

Immersive sex is changing the world of adult entertainment.>>>

A screenshot from a WankzVR porn video shot from the female perspective.

WankzVR Targets the Ladies with VR Porn from the Female Point of View

Will virtual reality sex featuring the woman’s POV become more than a trend?>>>

BaDoinkVR has released interesting facts and figures about VR porn viewership.

Infographic: Virtual Reality Porn Stats and Facts

Who’s the average VR porn viewer?>>>

Cam site CamSoda is launching 3D live holograms of performers.

Are We Finally Getting Sexy Holograms?

CamSoda is launching live holographic streaming of webcam performances.>>>

Survey: 16% of British Women Want Virtual Reality Sex

As the sex tech industry grows, so does its demand.>>>

Virtual Sex Game Red Light Center Launches VR World

Popular mulitplayer sex world offers virtual reality experience—with or without a headset.>>>

What Is the Future of Feminist VR Porn?

Exploring adult virtual reality films—with feminist directors at the helm.>>>

Gender Swapping VR Project Educates Youth on Sex and Consent

Using virtual reality to explore and rewrite troubling social narratives.>>>

Infographic: The Future of Sex

How emerging technologies are changing our sexual landscape.>>>

Second Life creator are building a virtual reality environment.

Project Sansar Will Let Users Live Out Erotic Fantasies in VR World

Explore out-of-this-world sexual desires with Linden Lab’s virtual reality platform.>>>

BaDoinkVR offers some of the best virtual reality porn videos on the web.

BaDoinkVR Review: A First-timer’s Dive into Virtual Reality Porn

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Adult star Tori Black has created a digital copy of herself for Holodexxx users to have sex with in virtual reality.

Startup Makes Digital Copies of Adult Stars for Interactive VR Sex Game

You could soon be playing with your favorite performer in virtual reality.>>>

Virtual reality adult videos can offer an immersive girlfriend experience.

Award-winning VR Porn CEO on the Future of the Industry

Todd Glider of BaDoinkVR reveals plans for more titillating virtual reality experiences.>>>

Ela Darling is a VR porn entrepreneur.

VR Porn Star Ela Darling Makes a Powerful Statement on Female Sexuality

Feminist, entrepreneur, and ex-librarian: the adult actress is shattering stereotypes.>>>

‘Internet of Bodies’ Will Take Intimacy Beyond the Physical World

Ghislaine Boddington on enhancing love and passion with human-machine interfaces.>>>