The Right Trousers: Pants Promise Enhanced Male Sexual Performance

Pelvic floor exercises with smart “sex shorts.”

VylyV's smart "sex shorts" help men strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

The Wallace and Gromit jokes might practically write themselves. But rather than being in the “wrong trousers,” a company called VylyV is crowdfunding an app, Bluetooth device, and pants combo it claims will allow men to exercise their pelvic floor muscles.

The app allows men to monitor the amount of exercise they are getting, receive customized workout plans, and get “buzzing” alerts when it’s time to get off the couch. They can even use the app’s interactive functions to “play games” involving special pelvic floor movements.

The Bluetooth end is a small, rechargeable sensor that can be slipped into the special shorts and transmits pelvic movements back to the app.

Then there are the shorts themselves. Sporting a “micro air-cushion sensing system” to “track your muscles in real time,” and an “embedded vibration feedback trainer,” the shorts couple with the app and the sensor to form a complete package (excuse me).

Referencing medical research from 2014, VylyV reports that a 12-week intensive pelvic floor exercise regime can create prolonged sexual endurance and extend the duration of ejaculation by four times. On top of that, the company claims a well-honed pelvic floor can also “be of great benefit for prostate and urinary wellness.”

But VylyV’s claims don’t stop there. According to its video, the use of its smart shorts can also help men develop the ability to have multiple orgasms—though their promo video, thankfully, only shows ejaculation of the carbonated variety.

Whether or not VylyV’s smart shorts will deliver as promised, it’s still good to see further development of smart and interactive products related to men’s sexual health. Even if the smart shorts don’t live up the hype, here’s hoping that other products will and draw more attention to the need to help men have a long and healthy sex life.

Image source: VylyV smart shorts

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