How Many People Want Implants That Deliver Instant Orgasms?

Survey results reveal desire for remote-controlled pleasure.

An impressive display of fireworks.

After reporting on a spinal implant that allegedly brought women to climax, we were intrigued by the notion of instant ecstasy.

If such a device became mainstream and passed safety tests, just how many of us would want the option of orgasms on command? Would such immediate sexual gratification spoil our senses and ruin excitement in the long run? Or would it bring us to new and unimaginable erotic depths?

We asked our readers to share their views by voting in a simple one-question survey: Would you want an implant that delivered orgasms with the push of a button?

Their choice of answers: “Yes, definitely,” “No way!” and “Hmm, I’d have to think about that.”

In total, we received 115 votes. 50% said they would definitely want on-the-spot orgasms. 28% were opposed to the idea while 22% were unsure and answered that they’d need to reflect more on it.

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