Please read our Why Work For Us? document to understand our underlying philosophy for working with talent, as well as our general approach to pay and rewards.

Evolutionary payment models

We are currently experimenting with a range of models for paying team members. We will continue to evolve and develop those models. Team members should expect changes over time in how they are paid.

We will always structure our payments to ensure that we can attract the most talented people who are aligned with our approach and philosophy. For truly outstanding people we will consider exceptions to standard pay structures.

Writer payments

We have a specific set of payment structures for writers. In line with our approach to evolutionary pay models, we expect our writer payment structures to change over time.

Our current writer payment structure is based on article length. Writers are paid based on the number of original words in any article that we accept for publication.

Per article pay scales

We pay article writers by the number of original words in each article we accept. In many cases, posts will include an embed such as a video or slides. Only the original words created by the writer are included in the word count.

In addition, any issues raised by the editor must be addressed before acceptance.

Original words Pay
100-200 words $30
201-400 words $40
401-700 words $50
701+ words $60
[NOTE: $ means US$]

In exceptional cases, we may consider a variation to these pay scales.

Longer-form content

For longer-form content such as white papers, reports, and books we will usually offer a fixed fee. If the content is offered for sale we will in addition offer royalties on sales for a fixed period.


Writers will receive a byline on each article they write.