Remote Sex

transforming touch

Transforming Touch: Nanobots and Liquid Sex Toys

Robot-infused gel could emerge as a sexual savior for some.>>>

Say Goodbye to the Mod: Patent Suit Ends Production of Open-Source Dildo

Comingle’s mind-controlled vibrator becomes a bygone.>>>

Stamina Training Package

The Vstroker Review: Grasping for Sensual Stimulation

Immersive technology brings onscreen fun to your fingertips.>>>

Sex Tech at CES 2016: Erotic Innovations Aplenty

The consumer tech event showcased adult products and their growing acceptance.>>>

The Adult Entertainment Technology We Lust After: Part 1 – Hardware

Here’s a wish list of the sex tech we really, really want>>>

Kiiroo Pearl Vibrator

Kiiroo Updates Its Smart Vibrator to Enable Two-Way Interactive Sex

The latest improvements flip the focus to women’s pleasure. >>>

A photo of Minna Life's kGoal.

Vagina Tracking Wearables: Devices That Ramp Up Women’s Pleasure and Sexual Health

Tech is starting to focus on female reproductive health. >>>

Sydney Meetup: Leading Experts on Wearables, AR and VR in the Future of Sex

Come along to meet other interesting “sex futurists” in the area!>>>

Vibease smart vibrator

Meet Him, an Artificially Intelligent Lover Inspired by the Film ‘Her’

An AI designed to pleasure women is in the prototype phase.>>>

MAX Lovense

Teledildonics and Virtual Reality: The Top Sex Toys For Men

An overview of the best male sex devices on the market. >>>


Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Online Sex Life from Hackers and Predators

New ways to safeguard tomorrow’s tech, privacy, and sexual romps.>>>

Girl using VR technology

Experts Share Top Sex Tech Predictions in Documentary ‘The Big Turn On’

A new documentary explores the art and business of sex tech in coming years.>>>

Q & A: Interactive Webcam Model Stassi Stroker Reviews Her Favorite Sex Toys

An inside perspective on today’s teledildonic devices.>>>

HaptoClone lets two users communicate via physical holograms.

Cybersex of the Future: Intimate Video Chats with Holographic Lovers

We’re another step closer to making love to touchable light beams.>>>

A new vibrator can be controlled by Apple Watch.

Sexing Up Apple Watch: New G-Spot Vibrator Designed for Discreet Public Play

Four months after its launch, the smart watch is making sex toys buzz.>>>

A figure displaying what the 268 patent covers

Teledildonic Disruption: A Timeline of the Patent Controlling the Remote Sex Market

You can’t be a player in teledildonics without it—at least not in the U.S. >>>

A picture of a legal objects.

The 6 Sex Tech Companies Facing Lawsuits for Patent Infringement

Legal troubles may dramatically change the market for remote sex.  >>>

A couple embrace in 3DX Chat, an online sex game that supports Oculus Rift.

Review: The Best VR Online Sex Games for Oculus Rift

Adult sex games for the virtual reality explorer.>>>

The Master Beta Kit by Orgasmatronics

Erotic Engineering: An Open-Source Sex Toy Hacking Kit for Beginners

Dr. X. Treme teaches us how to program sex toys.>>>

Introducing the Mod: Comingle’s Hackable, Mind-Controlled Vibrator

Bored of your standard-issue personal sex device? Psychic sex toys have arrived.>>>

Scott O'Brien talks about remote sex at the November 2014 Future of Sex meetup in Sydney.

The ‘Huggable Internet’ Is Changing the Game for Remote Sex

Augmented reality expert Scott O’Brien on interactive sex’s swift steps forward>>>

Margaret Atwood on ‘Prostibots,’ Remote Sex and the Robotic Age

The Canadian novelist’s musings about sex and robots in The New York Times.>>>


KIIROO CEO Toon Timmermans on Teledildonics, Patents and the Onyx

Will the KIIROO Onyx deliver on promises of online intimacy?>>>

LovePalz Club Friend List

Adult Social Network Connects Strangers via Sex Toys

One night stands of the future may be electronic. >>>

Sex Fitness Tracking Heats Up with Discreet Wearable

A new sex measurement device does away with cumbersome cords.>>>

The RealTouch device was discontinued after a patent suit.

Are Patents to Blame for Stalling Teledildonics?

Seeking solutions for more futuristic, long-distance love gadgets and social networks. >>>