Remote Sex

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Power Exchange: The Future of BDSM Sex

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Long-distance Loving Could Feel Real with Skinterface Touch Technology

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Ray Kurzweil’s Sex Predictions: Remote Touching, Body Swapping, and More

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Hush: A Crowdfunded Butt Plug for Long-Distance Play

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The Kiiroo Review: Bridging the Gap to Simultaneous Stimulation

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transforming touch

Transforming Touch: Nanobots and Liquid Sex Toys

Robot-infused gel could emerge as a sexual savior for some.>>>

Say Goodbye to the Mod: Patent Suit Ends Production of Open-Source Dildo

Comingle’s mind-controlled vibrator becomes a bygone.>>>

Stamina Training Package

The Vstroker Review: Grasping for Sensual Stimulation

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Sex Tech at CES 2016: Erotic Innovations Aplenty

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The Adult Entertainment Technology We Lust After: Part 1 – Hardware

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Kiiroo Pearl Vibrator

Kiiroo Updates Its Smart Vibrator to Enable Two-Way Interactive Sex

The latest improvements flip the focus to women’s pleasure. >>>

A photo of Minna Life's kGoal.

Vagina Tracking Wearables: Devices That Ramp Up Women’s Pleasure and Sexual Health

Tech is starting to focus on female reproductive health. >>>

Sydney Meetup: Leading Experts on Wearables, AR and VR in the Future of Sex

Come along to meet other interesting “sex futurists” in the area!>>>

Vibease smart vibrator

Meet Him, an Artificially Intelligent Lover Inspired by the Film ‘Her’

An AI designed to pleasure women is in the prototype phase.>>>

MAX Lovense

Teledildonics and Virtual Reality: The Top Sex Toys For Men

An overview of the best male sex devices on the market. >>>


Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Online Sex Life from Hackers and Predators

New ways to safeguard tomorrow’s tech, privacy, and sexual romps.>>>

Girl using VR technology

Experts Share Top Sex Tech Predictions in Documentary ‘The Big Turn On’

A new documentary explores the art and business of sex tech in coming years.>>>

Q & A: Interactive Webcam Model Stassi Stroker Reviews Her Favorite Sex Toys

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HaptoClone lets two users communicate via physical holograms.

Cybersex of the Future: Intimate Video Chats with Holographic Lovers

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A new vibrator can be controlled by Apple Watch.

Sexing Up Apple Watch: New G-Spot Vibrator Designed for Discreet Public Play

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A picture of a legal objects.

The 6 Sex Tech Companies Facing Lawsuits for Patent Infringement

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A couple embrace in 3DX Chat, an online sex game that supports Oculus Rift.

Review: The Best VR Online Sex Games for Oculus Rift

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The Master Beta Kit by Orgasmatronics

Erotic Engineering: An Open-Source Sex Toy Hacking Kit for Beginners

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