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Virtual Sex Game Red Light Center Launches VR World

Popular mulitplayer sex world offers virtual reality experience—with or without a headset.>>>

What Is the Future of Feminist VR Porn?

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Gender Swapping VR Project Educates Youth on Sex and Consent

Using virtual reality to explore and rewrite troubling social narratives.>>>

Infographic: The Future of Sex

How emerging technologies are changing our sexual landscape.>>>

Second Life creator are building a virtual reality environment.

Project Sansar Will Let Users Live Out Erotic Fantasies in VR World

Explore out-of-this-world sexual desires with Linden Lab’s virtual reality platform.>>>

BaDoinkVR offers some of the best virtual reality porn videos on the web.

BaDoinkVR Review: A First-timer’s Dive into Virtual Reality Porn

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Adult star Tori Black has created a digital copy of herself for Holodexxx users to have sex with in virtual reality.

Startup Makes Digital Copies of Adult Stars for Interactive VR Sex Game

You could soon be playing with your favorite performer in virtual reality.>>>

Virtual reality adult videos can offer an immersive girlfriend experience.

Award-winning VR Porn CEO on the Future of the Industry

Todd Glider of BaDoinkVR reveals plans for more titillating virtual reality experiences.>>>

Ela Darling is a VR porn entrepreneur.

VR Porn Star Ela Darling Makes a Powerful Statement on Female Sexuality

Feminist, entrepreneur, and ex-librarian: the adult actress is shattering stereotypes.>>>

‘Internet of Bodies’ Will Take Intimacy Beyond the Physical World

Ghislaine Boddington on enhancing love and passion with human-machine interfaces.>>>

The Future of Sex report include 9 fascinating predictions on how sexuality will change in the coming decades.

New Report: 9 Incredible Predictions on the Future of Sex

How technology will change human sexuality from researchers at>>>

Cam Site Launches Virtual Reality Sex Shows with Touch Feedback

Unlocking a new, interactive world of VR sex.>>>

Screenshot from La Douche's HTC Vive breast interaction test.

VR Game Developer on the Challenges of Creating Adult Content

How easy is it to launch realistic virtual reality sex games?>>>

Adult starlet August Ames on set with BaDoinkVR's new Virtual Sexology. (PRNewsFoto/BaDoinkVR)

BaDoinkVR Offers Sex Therapy in 8-Part VR Porn Series

Teledildonics, adult stars, special exercises, plus virtual reality for sexual health.>>>

Generating 3D Sex Scenes from Written Erotica

New research is giving computers the power to transform prose text into 3D worlds.>>>

Can Brave New World’s Sensual Cinema Turn Us on Today?

Aldous Huxley’s Feelies could inspire a new moviegoing experience.>>>

Power Exchange: The Future of BDSM Sex

How technology could change dominant and submissive erotic play.>>>

VR Porn Sites Offering Free Virtual Reality Headsets

Helping newbies launch their journey into the lustful world of VR sex.>>>

ImmersiON VRelia virtual reality headset

Ready to Play? VR, Gaming and New Vistas for Sexual Education

Video games promise new and immersive forms of sex ed.>>>

VR Sex Expo Causes Massive Crowd and Chaos in Tokyo

Adult virtual reality event draws thousands—including the police.>>>

A couple hold each other close.

How Will Augmented Reality Change Intimacy?

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WeVeer: VR Porn Headset Designed for Private, Hands-free Fun

New virtual reality hardware made special for 3D pleasure.>>>

Vorze Cyclone Review: A Force of Sexual Nature

Penis stimulator’s intensity and interactivity will blow you away.>>>

SECOND SEX WAR Exhibition Explores Gender Identity in VR Pornography

Artist uses Oculus Rift to offer new perspective on feminism.>>>

A man watches VR porn next to a woman.

Future of Sex: VR Porn Resource Center

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A person watches VR porn.

How to Watch VR Porn: A Quick-Start Guide for the Sexually Adventurous

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Review of Top VR Porn Sites

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List of Top VR Porn Sites

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