Could Robots with Human Flesh Revolutionize Regenerative Medicine?

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A nitinol implant extends from a flaccid resting state when heated.

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Cam site CamSoda is launching 3D live holograms of performers.

Are We Finally Getting Sexy Holograms?

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The Future of Sex report include 9 fascinating predictions on how sexuality will change in the coming decades.

New Report: 9 Incredible Predictions on the Future of Sex

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Actor William Shatner playing his role of Captain Kirk on Star Trek.

Star Trek and the Future of Sex: Birth Control and Alien Pregnancy

Birth control in Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future.>>>

Sex tech startup Wisp's jewelry simulates a lover's kiss and caress.

Wisp: Wearable sex tech designed for women’s pleasure

Jewelry that mimics the feel of a lover’s kiss, caress, and even breath.>>>

Power Exchange: The Future of BDSM Sex

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VylyV's smart "sex shorts" help men strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

The Right Trousers: Pants Promise Enhanced Male Sexual Performance

Pelvic floor exercises with smart “sex shorts.”>>>

Reversible Male Contraceptive Vasalgel Raises $85K for Clinical Trials

A new, no-scalpel vasectomy may arrive if human testing proves successful.>>>

IVF Technique for 3-Parent Babies May Soon See Human Trials

New process could end inherited genetic disorders.>>>

A couple hold each other close.

How Will Augmented Reality Change Intimacy?

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Stem Cell Therapy Could Treat Female Sexual Arousal Disorders

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First Penis Transplant in US Given to Cancer Survivor

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Spice Up Your Relationship with Sex Tech

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Ray Kurzweil’s Sex Predictions: Remote Touching, Body Swapping, and More

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Neurosex: Sci-Fi Series Translates Sex Into Code Your Brain Can Download

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How Many People Want Implants That Deliver Instant Orgasms?

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Scientists Create Artificial Sperm That Produce Healthy Mice Offspring

Breakthrough could lead to the end of male infertility. >>>

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First U.S. Womb Transplant May Allow Infertile Woman to Give Birth

Trans women and men could one day become pregnant, too.>>>

Man with ‘Bionic Penis’ to Have Sex for the First Time

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Johns Hopkins Plans 60 Penis Transplants for Injured Veterans

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