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Remote Pleasure Offers The Full Teledildonics Experience

A company with all the remote sex options…>>>

Android Blueprint

Is Science Fiction a Blueprint for the Future of Sexuality?

What does sci-fi mean for tomorrow’s relationships?>>>

Wii We Dare

Wii Dare You and Your Friends with “We Dare”

This Wii game aims at knocking your socks off>>>

A couple shares a hi-tech kiss.

Future Body Sensors Could Allow Us to Share Emotions and Orgasms

The ability to exchange emotions felt during sex may soon be a reality >>>

  • Would you want an implant that delivered orgasms with the push of a button?

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The Future of Sex Robots: Medical Opportunity or Sexual Threat?

Machines may help heal broken souls or create new dark desires.>>>

The RealTouch device was discontinued after a patent suit.

Are Patents to Blame for Stalling Teledildonics?

Seeking solutions for more futuristic, long-distance love gadgets and social networks. >>>

3D lovers kiss by a virtual waterfall.

Review: The Best Massively Multiplayer Online Sex Games

Adult virtual worlds keep getting better… and hotter.>>>

Fleshlight's LaunchPAD makes it possible to bone your iPad.

You Can Now Have Sex with Your iPad, but Will You?

After two years of anticipation, you can finally make love to your iPad.>>>

11 projects to design the next generation condom were funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation last month.

11 Next Generation Condoms Funded by the Gates Foundation

Old-fashioned rubbers may soon be replaced by a more pleasurable wave of designs. >>>

A photo of strap-on vibrator, the Ambrosia Vibe.

Sex Tech Crowdfunding Trends Up with ‘Bionic’ Strap-On Dildo

Another adult enterprise taps money from the masses to innovate.>>>


7 Killer Sex Robots

A list of the sexiest and deadliest fictional robots.>>>

A woman wears the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift.

New Oculus Rift App: A Good Sign for the Future of Virtual Sex?

Gamers who like it triple X may be able to breathe a sigh of relief.>>>

A young woman tests out Fundawear.

Wearable Technology Gets a Sexy Fashion Makeover

Sex tech could look so good in the future that no one will know you are wearing it.>>>

OhMiBod's blueMotion vibrator and remote app makes staying intimate with long-distances lovers possible.

Control Your Lover’s Vibrator with OhMiBod’s New Remote App

Distance means nothing. All you need is WiFi to get frisky with someone far away.>>>

A 3D printer creates a small dildo.

Infographic: The State of 3D Sex Toy Printing

Create your own X-rated toys at home with digital technology. >>>

A blond fembot stands in front of a futuristic background.

Will Sex Robots Actually Replace Human Sex Workers?

Machines are taking jobs from humans, but whether they will rule prostitution is still being debated.>>>

An upcoming web series called "Gigahoes" is trying to raise money for filming.

‘Gigahoes’ Web Series Wants to Create Laughs with Sexbots

We know sex robots are hot. Now a team of comedians aims to show how they can be funny, too.>>>