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Future of Sex Community Guidelines

1. The community is a place to discuss the future.

Here at FutureofSex.net, our goal has always been to explore how new technologies may shape human sexuality and relationships in the future. For that reason, we’re seeking posts that focus on what may occur in the years ahead.

If you submit a post about our sexual present, the swinging '60s, or prehistoric sexuality and there is no link to the future, don’t expect it will be published in the community,

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What is considered  “safe for work” is often subjective, particularly when discussing sex-related topics. In an effort to maintain a mature level of discussion and encourage posts from a diverse group, we discourage the use of slang words primarily when referring to body parts and sex acts. Medical terms are preferred. Additionally, posts must not include sexually explicit descriptions or media.

To sum it up, posts about sex and intimacy are meant to inform, not sexually excite, readers.

3. The community is a place to share your opinions.

We want to learn what you think!  The community is for sharing personal views and predictions. Sharing supporting facts and research is also welcome, especially when it is relevant to your post.

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