Is Robot Sex Cheating?

The blurred line between sex object and objectification…

Though we have not yet created convincingly humanoid, autonomous robots, there are already questions being asked about how far we should go. If we create robots with sentient capacity–if we give them thoughts, feelings or functions that resemble either–what does that mean for their citizen status, their legal status and their ‘ownership’ status? Can we create an entity smart enough to service our needs without creating a being that will suffer in service of those needs? Are we creating slaves? When does it stop being ethical?

What about relationships: When does a robot stop being a sex toy and become something more? Is it when the human has feelings for the robot, or when the robot can express feelings in return? When does using a robot impinge on the concept of monogamy?

There are no hard and fast answers to these sorts of questions, but with people like Heather Knight and Martin Saerbeck working to imbue robots with emulations of humanity, they’re questions that need to be explored.

When would you consider robot sex to cross the line?

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  • TheCreator

    Hmmm, tough question..
    When you use toys for sexual pleasure… this is not classed as cheating. Is a robot a toy?
    When you pay for sex from a stranger… this is classed as cheating.
    I guess what it comes down to is the emotional connection between the two objects and the ability to please eachother, rather then just one ended….

  • Robot junky

    Its cheating if ur partner doesn’t want you to do it. Some wont mind, others will.

  • I feel Robot Sex will be good in terms of not curbing your sexual desires & orientation & thus having as much sex as one wants. This may help in much more productivity for humans as they can focus on other works without having any thoughts of sex as they will more or less be satisfied as far as sex is concerned.

    Also as Robots get more advanced they will definitely take care of almost all of the productive work & this will help humans to enjoy & delve themselves in creative works. World will be a great place to live when such advanced Robots arrive!

  • Ivy Lane

    My thoughts on sex robots are not just the ethical ones you have raised here but I have a deep concern for the attitude that Harmanjit expresses below. I see a world full of isolated humans controlled by a government that uses sex bots and other technology to control it’s workers. In this society of the future many are cast to the street who do not conform or serve the purposes of those in governmental control. Sex bots become part of the power used to isolate and control the most brilliant and usable minds of the future. A sex bot programed to never irritate it’s “partner” will be a strong persuasion to keep a man/woman inline and doing what the Hegemonies Overload’s wish. These future human and bot slaves will believe they are living the life they choose but with less and less free will and personal choice they will be mere tools in the hands of the government serving someone else’s purpose and not even aware that their humanity and freedom were given up a long time ago. Conquer and divide. When we stop interacting with each other and loose our humanity, what will we than be?

    • cw

      I think we need to be putting our energy into making robots that can teach proper English punctuation and grammar.

  • Sex Bots not for me i’m afraid but i’m sure there are plenty of people out there that will