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See What Your Partner Sees during Sex with Google Glass Sex App

Would you like to experience sex from a different perspective?

How about from your partner’s point of view—checking yourself out during your sexual encounter? A new app called Glance does just that.

The app is already available on iPhone and is reported for release on Google Glass later this year. The creators claim that partners will be able to share their point of views with each other, which will completely alter the way you experience sexual encounters.

Google Glasses

Launched by a team of three creative people at a hackathon in London in 2013, the app was born out of an exploration in using Google Glass during intimate moments. The app streams the perspective of your partner during sex, but also has a range of other features.

These include the ability to dim lights, play mood music, and receive suggestions for new sex positions with the command phrase “OK Glass, give me ideas.” Lastly, the app will create video footage of the encounter. However, after five hours the video will self-destruct—a feature similar to Snapchat and its disappearing photos, but for your sexual encounter.

One of the founders of the project, Sherif Maktabi, a product design student at London’s Central Saint Martins art college spoke to The Guardian. He said it began with the question “how can we make sex more awesome with Google Glass?”

Maktabi further added, “Some people find what we do repulsive.” But it is also clear to him that many people have a deep desire to see their own bodies during sex. “People have fantasies, desires, and needs. It’s personal.”

Glance sure promises to chart new territory for sexual encounters—making an immersive sexual experience readily available for users of the most popular and newest technologies. The question is though, will this be something you actually use or will you chicken out when it comes to the crunch?

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