Virtual Sex

Mark Pesce and Jacqueline Hellyer at the November 2014 Future of Sex meetup in Sydney.

Virtual Intimacy: The Digital Age Is Creating New Definitions for Sex

Forget what you thought you knew about sex and intimacy.>>>


Virtual Matrimony: Red Light Center Hosts Valentine’s Day Mass Weddings

What does it mean to get married in a virtual world?>>>


How Virtual Sex Is Changing Cheating

What constitutes infidelity is shifting as rapidly as the sex tech industry. >>>

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Does This New Virtual Reality Girlfriend Take Things Too Far?

Drawing the line when it comes to fake women in 3D games.>>>

3D lovers kiss by a virtual waterfall.

Review: The Best Massively Multiplayer Online Sex Games

Adult virtual worlds keep getting better… and hotter.>>>

A picture of a brain literally lit up with ideas.

How to Have ‘Mind Sex’ and the Perks of Getting It on with Avatars

Futurists looking for an intelligent forum to discuss sex trends are in for a treat.>>>

A couple shares a hi-tech kiss.

Future Body Sensors Could Allow Us to Share Emotions and Orgasms

The ability to exchange emotions felt during sex may soon be a reality >>>

Attractive model lays on couch with computer.

Poll Results: Who People Want to Have Sex with over the Internet

Nearly a third of our readers chose strangers as their ideal lovers for remote sex.>>>

Pretty model blows kiss to camera

Are Haptic Sex Toys Sparking a New Form of Prostitution?

The line between pornography and prostitution is getting blurry.>>>

Brain image courtesy of Liz Henry

Neurogaming Expo Shows Where Digital Intimacy Is Headed

No controller necessary – straight for the brain>>>

Human to Robot

New Poll Finds 1 in 10 Americans Would Sleep With Robots

Robot infidelity is a thornier question>>>


How New Brain Tech Will Uncover, Satisfy Your Deepest Fantasies

Imagine a computer displaying and enhancing your visual thoughts.>>>


Sinful Robot: How Immersive Virtual Reality Will Transform Adult Entertainment

How will a sex-focused startup take advantage of the new Oculus Rift VR hardware?>>>


Japanese Robot Offers Holographic Augmented Reality System for Your Home

Japanese augmented-reality robot could begin a new human and computer sex revolution.>>>


Second Life Creator Comes to Tablets – Without Virtual Sex For Now

Will Linden Labs launch mobile virtual worlds with opportunities for intimacy?>>>


The Language of the Future of Sex: the “Virtual Girlfriend”

A new “virtual girlfriend” augmented reality system has recently caused a bit of a stir in tech blogs.>>>


Virtual sex goes mainstream: Zynga launches The Ville

Now you can invite friends over to your beautiful virtual home, and then into your virtual bedroom…>>>


Tricks and Tips for Virtual Sex Virgins

Virtual worlds, especially those with adult sexual content, can be overwhelming for new users. Ease into it here! Who? >>>


The Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention Comes to Red Light Center!

Did you miss your chance to schmooze with the stars this year? Maybe not!>>>


Sex, Open Sourced: Accessible Sex Software and DIY Hardware

Producers of adult media have been seeking a new market in emerging technologies…>>>


The Electric Orgasm and Other Visions from the Future of Sex

Human beings will capture and replay sensory experiences through small microchips on the skin by the year 2030.>>>

Android Blueprint

Is Science Fiction a Blueprint for the Future of Sexuality?

What does sci-fi mean for tomorrow’s relationships?>>>


Speaking About the Ethics of Interspecies Virtual Sex

Why audiences love hearing about the possibilities of virtual worlds>>>


Sex::Tech – Informing Our Youth on Sexual Health

A two day event using new media to assist our teens on making the right decisions.>>>


Add-ons That Allow True Virtual Sex in Second Life

Second Life makes teledildonic encounters easy!>>>


Virtual Sex Workers Arrive in the Netherlands

Virtual seduction in the streets of real world Rotterdam…>>>


High Score: Virtual Parties Where You Can Get Naughty

Party 24 hours a day around the world in virtual space…>>>


MotionSwinger Kinect Virtual Sex Game is a Hoax

We prove there’s only hoax behind the hype…>>>