Sex Tech


The Fleshlight Review: Stamina Training Unit

Unmatched in pleasure and market presence, the best-selling male sex toy continues to evolve.>>>

A wind turbine appears over a sunset horizon.

Can the Solarpunk Movement Give Us the Sexual Utopia We’ve Been Waiting For?

An optimistic view of the future from an emerging Sci-Fi genre.>>>

The FDA has approved an at-home sperm count test for your smartphone.

FDA Approves Smartphone-based Sperm Testing System

New app lets men check their fertility without leaving home.>>>


Standard Innovation Will Settle Internet-Connected Sex Toy Lawsuit

Privacy suit wrapping up without admission of wrongdoing.>>>


Finding the Pulse of Penis Pleasure

Hot Octopuss tentacles wrap new rhythms for folks facing sex and mobility challenges.>>>

A steamy scene for the video game The Witches

Sex in Video Games: Landmark Moments

The progression of adult content in the gaming industry.>>>


Brexit: An Uncertain Future for Sex Tech in Britain

Could Brexit be the death knell for Britain’s burgeoning sex tech industry?>>>


Survey: 16% of British Women Want Virtual Reality Sex

As the sex tech industry grows, so does its demand.>>>


Winning Love by Daylight: Sailor Moon Becomes Safe Sex Advocate

Japan’s beloved anime character fights STIs.>>>


Cyber Monday Sales: Sex Toys, VR Porn and Love Dolls [Updated]

Avoid the crowds and nab online savings with these promotions.>>>


New Vaginal HIV-prevention Ring Doesn’t Affect Pleasure: Study

Findings from women in Sub-Saharan Africa show progress in the world of safe sex.>>>


Infographic: The Future of Sex

How emerging technologies are changing our sexual landscape.>>>


The Future of Male Birth Control Is Near

New research could lead to fast-acting contraceptives for men. >>>

Fin is the first sex toy to be featured on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Introducing Fin: Kickstarter’s First Sex Toy

Meet the finger-vibe that’s broken the erotic crowdfunding ceiling.>>>


Buck Off: The First Mass-produced Sex Toy for Trans Men

Trans activist and performer Buck Angel makes waves with innovative sex tech. >>>


3D-Printing Vagina Artist’s Book Challenges ‘Obscenity’ of Women’s Bodies

A review of one woman’s self and sexual expression in Japan.>>>


‘Order a Daddy’: Sperm Delivery App Lets Users Pick Ideal Donor

New UK service brings donor selection to the privacy of users’ homes.>>>

We-Vibe sex toys let you get intimate with long-distance lovers.

Sex Toy Maker We-Vibe Sued for Collecting Intimate Data in Proposed Class Action

Lawsuit alleges privacy breach affecting users of Internet-connected vibrator. >>>

New After Dark section features Indiegogo's sex tech products,

Indiegogo’s After Dark Collection Shines (Some) Light on Adult Products

Crowdfunding site’s initiative to promote sex tech falls short.>>>

A photos showing facial recognition tech in action.

Facial Recognition Technology Lets You Find Your Erotic Doppelganger

Cam site searches its model database so you can hook up with a lookalike.>>>

The Future of Sex report include 9 fascinating predictions on how sexuality will change in the coming decades.

New Report: 9 Incredible Predictions on the Future of Sex

How technology will change human sexuality from researchers at>>>

Hum's orgasmic data graph.

Coding Sex: Startup Develops Building Blocks for AI Lovers

It’s a brave new world for orgasm training.>>>


Menstrual Disc That Can Be Worn During Sex Receives $1M

Flex acquires rival Softcup with funds from seed accelerators.>>>

A robot holds flowers to give to another robot.

UK Conference on Robotics and Sexual Intimacy Starting Soon

Upcoming event promises to explore impact of technology on human eroticism.>>>


Use Your Smartphone to Check Your Sperm Count

A new at-home fertility test for men.>>>


The Future Is Female: Can Women Save the Sex Tech Industry?

RMIT academic Judith Glover discusses the problems facing future sex toy designers.>>>

TheTouch-HB Ring 1Band

HB Rings Let You Feel Your Partner’s Heartbeat from Miles Away

Jewelry lets wearers share a new kind of digital intimacy in real time.>>>


Find Your Ideal Condom with MyONE’s Choice of 56 Different Sizes

Man’s wish for the perfect-sized condom may soon come true.>>>