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Westworld: How Will HBO’s New Sci-Fi Thriller Depict Future Sex with Robots?

A futuristic theme park filled with cowboys, robotic women, and carnal pleasure. >>>


Love 2.0: Software Agents and Sexuality

A conversation between a human and their new AI personal assistant in the not-too-distant future.>>>


People May Lose Their Virginity to Robots in the Future

Mechanical pleasure over human relationships?>>>


Dolly Dearest: Photographer Captures Human Desire in the Artificial

Artist blurs line between synthetic and biological love.>>>


Sexbot Comedy Series ‘Gigahoes’ Gears up for Second Season

Robot sex workers bumbling about, just like humans…>>>


How to Build a Robot Sex Worker

Is society ready for mechanical lovers?>>>


Mating Robots 3D Print Their Babies After Exchanging Genomes

Machines procreate in groundbreaking evolutionary robotics project.>>>


Drone Delivers Contraceptives to Women in Sub-Saharan Africa

Airlifted birth control to those in need.>>>

Ray Kurzweil keynote address.

Ray Kurzweil’s Sex Predictions: Remote Touching, Body Swapping, and More

Famed inventor shares future forecasts, claiming past accuracy rate of 86%.>>>

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Looking for Love: Affection Detector Could Take Guesswork Out of Dating

Would you use a device that read your date’s emotions?>>>


Artificial Lovers: A Quarter of Young People Would Date Robots

As technology advances, so does the realm of dating.>>>


Satisfy a Robot in Free Online Sex Game Erotica Robotica

Do you have what it takes to turn on SAMM-69?>>>

Early testing stages of the Realbotix V2.

The Early Makings of a Talking Sex Robot

Video clips show a silicone beauty coming to life.>>>


Getting Turned On: Study Shows Touching Robots Causes Arousal

Intriguing research on relating to technology.>>>


What Do We Really Think About Sex Robots?

A new study reveals male and female opinions on artificial lovers.>>>


Scarlett Johansson Robot Opens the Door to Celebrity Crush Replicas

Will stars sue to stop their robotic doubles from going on sale?>>>

A robot from the video game Remember Me.

Leveling Up: Futuristic Sex in Video Games

Playing tomorrow’s sexuality—today!>>>


Is Gender Bias Driving the Development of AIs and Even Sex Robots?

Examining a possible link between sexism and artificial intelligence. >>>

Beauty contestant

Robot Jury Picks Winners in International Beauty Contest

You might think robots are sexy, but what do they think of you?>>>

Sir Arthur Clarke

Retrofuturist Sex: How the Past Thought We’d Be Loving in the Future

How did people in the 70s and 80s think we’d be having sex today?>>>

Robot Woman

The Machines Are Alright: NYU Bioethicist Defends Therapeutic Use of Sex Robots

Sexbots could help patients in need, says medical ethics expert. >>>

A pair of pink sensual lips.

Sensual Technology: How Sex Tech Is Becoming All Kinds of Pleasurable

We really love technology—in all kinds of ways.>>>


Sex Robots Will Help Human Sexuality Evolve, Agree Virtual Futures Panelists

Mind-blowing forecasts on future sex, including skingasms and haptic online orgies. >>>


Margaret Atwood’s The Heart Goes Last: Love, Dystopia and Sex Robots

The Canadian writer explores a crumbled world stumbling forward.>>>


Machine Flirting: Roboticist David Levy Discusses AI, Sex Tech and Adult Chatbots

Is Erotic Chatbots Ltd. the risqué future of conversational AI?>>>

A sad little robot standing on the floor.

‘Love and Sex with Robots’ Conference Shut Down After Pressure from Authorities

It’s a sad day for robots and the people who love them.>>>

Love and Sex with Robots Workshop logo

Malaysian Police Call ‘Love and Sex with Robots’ Conference Illegal

Organizers of a robosexual symposium are facing strong opposition. >>>

Eva from the movie Ex Machina.

The 15 Sexiest Robots in Movie History

These inorganic beings have been manipulating our mainframes with their erotic circuitry!>>>