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TwerkingButt Combines Realistic Robotic Posterior and Erotic VR

Pornhub continues its innovation-based marketing strategy.>>>

The latest episode of Humans is creating a stir because of its robot sex scene.

Did You See That Shocking Robot Sex Scene in Humans, Channel 4’s New Sci-Fi Hit?

TV series explores the sexual politics of robotic romance.  >>>

The Realbotix project aims to create a sexbot with the illusion of sentience.

Realbotix: RealDoll Creator Bringing Sexbots to Life with Artificial Intelligence

Talking sex doll’s head expected to hit the market in two years.>>>

A robot and an artificial woman stand close.

4 Ways Sex Robots Will Heat Up Sex and Make Us Better Lovers

Don’t fear the sexbots. They’ll teach us how to have mind-blowing sex.>>>

A row of feminine sex robots are shown in this image.

Future of Sex Meetup: The State of Sex Robots

Join us on May 6 in Sydney to explore the making of robot lovers.>>>

Should we criminalize robotic rape and child sexual abuse?

Should We Criminalize Robotic Rape and Child Sex Robots?

Debating the sticky topic of sex abuse against robots.>>>

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood on ‘Prostibots,’ Remote Sex and the Robotic Age

The Canadian novelist’s musings about sex and robots in The New York Times.>>>

Actress Jessica Park

New Web Series Explores the Funny Side of Robot Sex

Quirky comedians are putting sexbots in the punchlines.>>>


Creating Life with Chinese Sex Robots

Sex robots are being made for more than pleasure—they’re helping couples conceive.>>>


The Future of Sex Robots: Medical Opportunity or Sexual Threat?

Machines may help heal broken souls or create new dark desires.>>>

A photo of strap-on vibrator, the Ambrosia Vibe.

Sex Tech Crowdfunding Trends Up with ‘Bionic’ Strap-On Dildo

Another adult enterprise taps money from the masses to innovate.>>>


7 Killer Sex Robots

A list of the sexiest and deadliest fictional robots.>>>

A blond fembot stands in front of a futuristic background.

Will Sex Robots Actually Replace Human Sex Workers?

Machines are taking jobs from humans, but whether they will rule prostitution is still being debated.>>>

An upcoming web series called "Gigahoes" is trying to raise money for filming.

‘Gigahoes’ Web Series Wants to Create Laughs with Sexbots

We know sex robots are hot. Now a team of comedians aims to show how they can be funny, too.>>>

Woman connects with partner over FriXion.

FriXion Beta Invites Users to Have Sex with Robots

The dawn of a new technosexual age is upon us.>>>

gyrating android

Sexy Female Animatronic Shocks and Revolts NY Art Crowds

A disturbing and racy robot could be deepening our connection with humanoids.>>>

A woman experiences pleasure while in bed.

Can You Really Make a Woman Orgasm by Remote Control?

Reaching sexual nirvana could be as easy as turning on the TV>>>

Human to Robot

New Poll Finds 1 in 10 Americans Would Sleep With Robots

Robot infidelity is a thornier question>>>


Newest SVEDKA Fembot Ads Bring Retro Feel to Future Sex

New SVEDKA fembot ads to push retro tech and future sex.>>>


Japanese Robot Offers Holographic Augmented Reality System for Your Home

Japanese augmented-reality robot could begin a new human and computer sex revolution.>>>


Glenn Beck is Worried We Will Become Obsessed With Robot Sex

Shock jock believes society is endangered by the ease of frolicking with robots.>>>


Sexy Robot Bodies: Haptic Heads and Techno Tails

Scientists have deconstructed the robot to rebuild her: better, stronger, faster… and sexier?>>>


Reach Out and Hug Someone with Hugvie the Robot Pillow Phone

The latest haptic creation out of Intelligence Robotics and Communications Laboratory in Japan…>>>


Marketing Xenosexuality: Women and the Sex Robot Taboo?

xenosexual: one who exhibits sexual desire for that which is strange, foreign or alien.>>>


Lovotics Creates a New Telepresence “Mini Me” for Long Distance Love

Not exactly a sex robot, but intimately authentic for small-scale long-distance love.>>>

My Sex Robot (2011)

My Sex Robot “Shock Doc” Presents Four Futuristic Fairytales

In the race to create the best of futuristic sex tech, it can be easy to let the dream outpace technology.>>>


Robot Sex On the Big Screen Today at Sundance: Meaning of Robots Trailer

Ever wanted to make your own robot sex movie? Turns out it’s not as easy as it sounds!>>>


The Biggest Hit of Erotica 2011: A Sensual Awakening Device

Gallus et Mulier Limited deliver the next innovation in sleep and sex technology.>>>


New Sex Bot to hit the Market

Bi-lingual, Remote controlled Sex Robot with facial recognition unveiled in China.>>>